Monday, 7 March 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Took a short walk up the lane yesterday afternoon, despite the chilly NE breeze, it was decidedly pleasant out there, even more so when you could get out of the wind when it was dare i say, warm, but a sure sign that warmer times are on the way, lots to be seen, fresh flowering Violets, the Alexanders are growing nicely, and a sure sign of Spring are the new born lambs, some of which were barely a few days old looking at them.

I must try and see the Shepherd when he's over this way and see if i can blag a few dozen castration rings off him, i use them as markers on my tracking sticks, sure i could buy them, they are only £ 2.50 or so for 500 rings, but i don't need 500 rings, nor would i ever use 500 rings, so a chat with the Shepherd should get me a few that will see me through for a few years.

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