Sunday, 27 March 2011

Wood Spirits

Been amusing myself today by carving a few Wood Spirits, did a couple this morning, watched the Formula 1 from Australia, then carved a couple more this afternoon, not all of the ones i carved are shown, not carved from the best woods either , carved from Ash and some scanky Hazel (basically all i had available to me), my favourites are the all white one on the right and the smaller one at far left, they were all carved using my Carvin' Jack.

All of these have sticks implanted in the bottom and are now "planted" in the garden, if i remember correctly there are eight spirits out there now guarding the garden and it's contents and although this is a total coincidence, ever since i started putting these spirits in the garden, the damn cat from over the road hasn't been crapping in the borders - perhaps the spirits really do stand guard after all?.

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