Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Axe Block - Tool Rack

I decided today to modify the axe block i use for shows and exhibitions (see here for original post on making the block), when I've been using this block it's been a bit of a pain to keep putting stuff away in a bag or having it lay on a table (and occasionally fall off) before grabbing the next tool for whatever job it is I'm doing, so today, i grabbed another piece of Elm, shaved it down on the top & bottom with the draw knife and augured out seven stepped holes, 3/4 inch at the tops then going down to 1/2 inch for the bottom of the hole, this allows me to place chisels, gouges and even my Sloyd knife in the rack and not have them wobble around, i also drilled one narrower hole to accept my carpenters pencil.

The rack has two further holes drilled at an angle on the underside at one end to accept the two legs, the rack itself is attached to the block by a single non fixed wooden peg, this allows the rack to rotate  along it's axis, thereby allowing the rack to sit in a stable position on the ground, as I'm right handed i have the rack on the right hand side of my mobile axe block, and despite what you might think, it doesn't get in the way at all when undertaking axe work, the rear of the rack has three pegs set at a slight upward angle so i can hang my beadle, folding saw and one other tool out of harms way.  As i stated in the original post when i first made this block, it's designed to be mobile so i can take it shows and demo events and is only ever going to be used as a block for axe carving and knife work, it's never going to be nor was it designed for splitting large rounds of wood, i have a couple of other big Elm and Chestnut blocks for that and if i need to take split wood to a show or event for carving, then I'll get all of that done at home before i go on a more suitable block.