Thursday, 7 April 2011

Birch Haul

How's this for a pile of carving wood?, an entire Birch Tree, the upper limbs are not much cop and are now on the bonfire pile, some of the outer wood on these logs is a bit suspect as well, but in the main the wood will be ok for a few projects, being in charge at the lakes does have it's moments, by the way, although cutting is prohibited at present due to the nesting birds, it is ok to fell trees that are considered dangerous, as was the case with this Birch.

This coming winter, i think there will be a couple of largish Willows and perhaps an Oak to come down as well, will see how they fair during the summer but they don't look particularly healthy at the moment, oh yes, looking at the picture, I'll have to relocate the nest box now as well.

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