Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bushcrafter's Hat

So what is your preference for a bushie hat?, other than a woolie hat in the wintertime, i have two preferences, one is a simple baseball type hat in real tree camo, the other is my Aussie Style leather hat, i got this at a knock down price, having seen these hats around various shops and market places for around £30.00 plus i always left them where they were as i couldn't justify the price tag on a hat, then whilst down at one of our local shops last year, i saw these on the shelf priced up at £15.00 each - bargain i though, so i picked one up, then when i went to pay for it, it came out at £13.00, even better, wish i had picked up a Black one as well now though, still fingers crossed the shop will have them back in stock again at some point this summer, if so i shall get another.

I know this style of hat is not to everyone's taste, but i love mine, it's comfortable and cooling to wear, plus i can use it to collect water or wild foods if i needed to or use it to waft the fire back to life.


  1. The best hat I ever had was a dark brown heavy felt with a four inch brim left flat. Wish I still had one!

  2. Hello Kepis, I can so appreciate your comments about your bushcrafters hat and other types of head gear. I just went thru the process myself, settling finally on a Tilley TWC4. I think anyone that spends any amount of time in the wilderness, eventually finds a hat, or even a bandana that works for them, and becomes the favorite goto hat for nearly every occasion. I love my Tilley. I will have to consider leather in a hat for the future. In the mean time, I will be breaking in my new Tilley.
    On a side note, I found your blog just tonight, in an attempt to find comments and suggestions on good bushcraft hats and what others are doing with them to maybe make them "multi-purpose" like adding pace beads, small kits in "hidden" pockets, cordage hat bands, etc. Now I have found your blog to be one I am going to follow and add as a link to my own blog page. When I read your "about me" it sounded so much like my experience growing up in Minnesota, with my father being my teacher in bushcraft, even though he never knew to call it that. Best wishes for a great summer and thanks for all the great posts. Keep up the good work, sharing the experience that is bushcraft.