Thursday, 21 April 2011


Was out in the garden this morning watching the Buzzards soar overhead, majestic birds and now really quite a common sight where i live, it wasn't that many years ago, that seeing a Buzzard was as awe inspiring as seeing a Red Kite around here today, they really were that rare, it's really nice to see the Buzzards prosper, hopefully the Red Kites will be as successful?.

At one point today there were four Buzzards soaring overhead the garden, although the most we have seen at one time soaring together was twelve, we did also see another glorious bird of prey today in the form of a Peregrine, these nest not that far away from us as the crow flies, or should that be as the Falcon flies?,  the one we saw today was being mocked by two Sparrow Hawks, so in one short period of time, Four Buzzards, Two Sparrow Hawks & a Peregrine sharing the same piece of sky at the same time - cant be bad.

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  1. The Native Americans used buzzard feathers for fletching sometimes, as blood supposedly doesn't mat them down like it does most feathers.