Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Father & Son Bow

This project goes back a little way, to 2009 in fact and it's one i had forgotten about until this morning and a chance conversation, it's the Father & Son bow, so what is a Father & Son Bow,? well put simply, it's a survival bow that's made from green wood.

I made a video (below) on how to make one and it inspired a couple of people to have a go themselves, we wondered at the time if the power would increase by using seasoned wood and going on the conversation i had earlier today, it does, i still have my F&S bow here on top of the wardrobe, so when i get a few minutes one evening, i think i shall disappear to the end field and shoot a few arrows off, well when the sheep have moved on that is.

Have a go at making one yourself, i think you will be surprised at just how powerful this type of bow can be.


  1. Missed this the first time around, very cool.

  2. I am going to try and make one of these this weekend with my son. Any tips on choosing the green wood? It looks like the hazel you used was about 1 inch in diameter?

  3. best tip i guess is to enjoy the process of making and using it, the wood i used was as you say about an inch in diameter, let us know ho you get on with it?