Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Gallery On Facebook

A while ago i made mention here on my blog of a new shop that had opened down town to promote local artists and artisans and their products (original post here), well my Father and i bit the proverbial  bullet and placed some of our work down there, so have we sold anything?, well yes we have, only a couple of things, but at least stuff is starting to move, it's been slow going, but lets face it, it's early doors for the shop owner as well as this time last year the shop didn't exist, so it's an adventure into the unknown for all of us, apart form the fact that it is only the end of April and tourist season doesn't start in earnest for a few weeks.

I was in the shop early this morning renewing the lease on the space  my father and i rent and the owner, Elizabeth, (lovely lady) advised that the shop now had it's own Facebook page, so i promised id put a link to it here on my blog for her LINK HERE so that's what I've done, every little bit of publicity is going to help, i know I'm paying rent to have  space in the shop, but the lady in the shop really does promote local artistry, so in order to help her and ultimately help myself and the other local artists and artisans a bit of free advertising on my blog isn't going to hurt anyone is it?, so if you are on Facebook or even if your not, pay a visit to  the shops Facebook page and have a look round, the shop has a website being built, so as soon as that is live, I'll put a link to that up as well.

The shop doesn't just cater for people such as myself, although i have a number of Fan Birds, Shrink Pots, Candle Holders, Spoons and Spatulas in there and Dad has some of his Water Colour paintings on display, the shop really does cater for everyone so there is basically an example of a lot of local crafts in there such as wood turning & carving, paintings, knitting, sewing, plants, you name it, it's basically there, have a look through the photo's on the Facebook pages and see what you can find, oh and if you look carefully you can see some of our pots, paintings and birds on display

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