Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Leather Note Book Cover

When I'm out and about i usually have a small notebook with me, not that i use it much, but it's there in the bag should i want to write some stuff down for later reference or to check previous notes I've made on a subject.

Ive been using the style of note book pictured for sometime after i was gifted a load of them, the book is A6 in size i think?, the books, although perfect in size for throwing in a pack, don't look particularly bushy, not that this is an issue in anyway shape or form, as to me it doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it does the job it's designed for and lets face it, it's a note book.

So having a bit of spare time this afternoon, i decided to make a leather cover for the book out of a piece of pig skin, the cover has worked out  fairly well, i elected to use the inner surface of the pig leather as the outer surface of the cover as it's nice and tactile, and i stitched the entire thing with artificial sinew,  i  also deliberately designed it, so it didn't incorporate a closure device other than gravity, if i need to keep it shut, I'll use a simple ranger band around the entire thing to keep it closed.