Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Live Catch Pigeon Net Trap

I don't know what the rest of the country is like, but down here at present we seem to have an influx of pigeons, ive been tasked to go and remove some from an area down town, but due to the proximity of people & property i cant shoot them as i normally would, so i need to trap them, after watching a video on You Tube yesterday, i came up with an idea for a net trap.

The trap incorporates a fine mesh net (yes i made it myself) and the closure is via a fine trigger on one end of the net where i have anchored a ring to the ground, the net is spread in front of the trigger which is baited with apple in this instance, a string comes under the net to another ring, which when the trap is activated, pulls the net over the bird and traps it humanely under the net, the motive power for closing the net is provided by a bungee cord attached to a shrub, of course if a springy sapling was available that could also be used for motive power, in this instance though a bungee is better as it pulls the net away from the lawn area and into the border.

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