Thursday, 28 April 2011

Nets & Net Making

What it is about net making that i find so enjoyable? i don't think i could ever give you a single solitary reason, there are so many aspects of net making that i enjoy, the obvious one is the ability to make nets for capturing food, be it fur, feather or fish, then there is the fact you could make a hammock if you were so inclined (yes, i have made a small one before) then there is of course the manufacture of bags for carrying, well anything you can think of really, the uses are endless for a net and having the skill to make them yourself makes you appreciate them even more and it's a skill that is transferable all over the world, no matter where you might be.

I suppose the main reasons i love making them so much, apart from the skill set aspect, is that when you are making them you really do get lost with your thoughts in your own little world, like today, i was outside in the sunshine with the birds singing all around me, the sheep and lambs in the field calling each other, and me standing there making a net out of jute twine to go over the veg patch in the garden with a hand carved wooden netting needle and 2" gauge, hey why buy a mass produced plastic net that wont last the summer, when you can make your own net that will last for season after season?, and when it's had it, chop it up into little pieces and throw it on the compost heap or shred it and use it for tinder, whatever happens it goes back to nature one way or the other, it's certainly more eco friendly than the mass produced plastic job and if it needs fixing at some point, well as you made it in the first place, you have the skill to effect a repair on it.


  1. One reason I enjoy netting is because I can take it with me when I go to appointments. That way I can do something while I wait. I can accomplish something while waiting instead of just sitting there. It makes the time go by faster. Netting is also a conversation topic since most people don't know what I am doing.

  2. Same here Rita, lot's of people watch you making a net with an eye of wonderment.