Friday, 22 April 2011

New Shooting Permission

I was talking today to the owner of the horse field at the bottom of the garden, we have known him for a long time and he's a really nice chap, anyway he was bemoaning the amount of damage the local Rabbit population is doing to his land and his fear that one of the horses will get a leg trapped or at worst broken in a rabbit hole, so as an off the cuff remark, i just said, i can pop over the wall and shoot  them for you if you like?, to which he agreed, there and then, so in short order rules and regs were discussed and i have a new shooting permission, literally at the bottom of the garden, all i have to do is jump the wall and I'm there, i also got a chance to meet with some of the horses owners, just so they were aware i had permission to be there and shoot, should they see some chap dressed in DPM walking over the field and paddocks, not a bad day all in, and with that, I'm off for a shoot.


  1. That's great! I'm sure permission is even harder to get in your country than in ours, and it's getting more difficult even in ours.

  2. Brilliant - I used to go rabbiting in my youth, tons of fun. Always did best lamping at night. Hopefully they're healthy and you can stick them in the pot!

  3. Cheers mate, the bunnies will be fine, they feed in the horse field one side of the fence and a sheep field the other side, im limited to shooting withinthe hours of daylight, dawn to dusk but only because we dont want to frighten all the townies that live round here now with bright lights in the field out back, last thing i want is the Police chopper overhead -lol