Saturday, 30 April 2011

Shadow Stick

I enjoyed a bit of time playing with a shadow stick today, for those who don't know what a shadow stick is, it's basically a way of finding the points of the compass by using the Sun combined with the Earths rotation, bear in mind, the sun needs to be able to cast a shadow for this to work

To start with place a stick in the ground and where the shadow that is cast hits the ground, mark the very top with stone.


continue to do this over a period of time until you have a line of stones mark out along the ground

this line of stones will give a direct East - West Line, so if you stand behind the stick, left will be West and the right hand side will be East, therefore below the line is South and above the line is North, don't believe me?, place a stick along the line of stones and then place one at 90 degrees to this to form a cross, than as pictured, place a compass next to it and read of the Cardinal points noting where the sticks point.


and that really is all there is to it, so if you are unlucky enough to find yourself lost and without a compass, and you are fortunate enough to be somewhere where the sun is shining, you need never be lost again

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