Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Small Fixed Blade Knives

I love small fixed blade knives, they are unobtrusive, don't look threatening to the sheeple and are basically works of art in their own right, two of my most commonly used tools are the ones pictured, i included a two pence piece for scale, the top knife is Bush Pup from UK maker Geoff Bosworth and the lower knife is a mini Woodlore from a friend of mine in the US and makes a superb small neck knife, well they both do, but i use the mini Woodlore a great deal more, both blades hold a superb edge and don't let the small size fool you into thinking these are toys, they aren't they both pack a punch way above their weight, as with all things sharp, it's not the tool that has the skill, it's the person holding it, I've used these knives for carving & whittling, small game prep, trap making, right down to opening my post, sure your not going to be able to chop down trees or branches with these tools, but they were never designed for that type of use in the first place.

I made a couple of videos on these knives a while back and put them on You Tube, click here for  the Bush Pup and here for the Mini Woodlore videos.