Friday, 22 April 2011

That's a little bit whiffy

We had a short trip out this afternoon to some open access land a few miles from home, the land itself is on a very steep hill and as such cant really be farmed other than for grazing, we were actually up there looking for Adders or which we didn't find a single example, however as well as a grass land environment there is also a fair bit of scrub, youngest went off for a wander round and came saying he could "smell maggots", then both the boys went off and came back with the ubiquitous "it's rank" statement, so i went and had a look as well, what did we find?, look at the picture, we found a dead bullock in the trees, and man alive did it pong, looking at it, it's been dead for a while as the skin is hanging off it's hind legs and it's well past the bloating stage, I've tried phoning the farmer to let him know, but cant get an answer at the moment, can only assume he is out with the sheep, I'll try again tomorrow, i'll also try to get hold of the stockman.


  1. It's a pity to have that sort of waste, plus it's an expensive loss to the farmer.

  2. That it is mate, im still trying to get hold of the farmer this morning, hopefully he or one of the shepherds will be up the lane in a little bit so i'll keep an eye out for them and let them know, although i dare say he is already aware that some of his stock is missing, pretty poor show if he isnt really, as the animal has been dead for a while now, wont hurt to let them know regardless though.