Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Black Widow

Ahhh yes, the days of my youth, spent rabbiting with my faithful old Barnett Black Widow catapult and as you can see, i still have it and it's still in perfect working order nearly 30 years after i bought it, lets face it, not a lot to go wrong with it is there?, apart from the odd set of replacement bands it's the same as when i bought it, i have a couple of the new Black Widow's and they are in my opinion, not half as good as this, they just don't feel as solid and substantial as the old one does, perhaps it's because I'm used to my old faithful Widow?.

I can clearly remember a friend of mine and i going around the area doing gardening jobs to raise enough cash to go and buy one of these each from the gun shop boy did we have some with them once we got them as well, rabbiting, target practice, of course those were the days when you could walk down the road with a catapult hanging out of your back pocket and a Rambo Survival Knife strapped to your leg and nobody gave a monkey's about it, these days  the coppers would be round quicker than a Ferret down a hole.

I still use my Black Widow and fire 9mm steel ball bearings from it, although I've not used it for hunting for a long time, only for the odd target bashing session, even though it is still legal to hunt rabbits with catapult in the UK, i will have to get my eye back in and start using it for hunting again i think.


  1. I've got one of the new ones. I have never hunted with a catapult but I may just get some practice in before I try this summer. Cracking blog mate.