Saturday, 14 May 2011

Bug Barns

I'm a great believer in encouraging predators to my garden, especially those that will help me control aphids and other "undesirable" insects, so dotted around the garden we have a number of bug barns, we make these ourselves (sell a few too) from a variety of woods, the one pictured is from Hawthorn, but i have one made from Birch that has to be a good four years old and it's still going strong, albeit of a slightly different design to the one shown.

The bug barns are located in sheltered sunny spots around the garden and provide a snug haven for insects like Ladybirds and Lacewings, which as any gardener knows, are just two of the most beneficial insect predators and will make a good meal out of any aphids you may have lurking, the least i can do, is provide a bit of "social housing" for them.

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