Monday, 23 May 2011

Bushcraft Alphabet

One of the games we play when we are up the woods is Bushcraft Alphabet, it's a little scheme i developed for when i was instructing, to get the kids  and indeed adults to think about their surroundings and what was actually around them that they could utilise.

It's a very simple, but very effective way of making people think, all you need to do is to look and search around your immediate vicinity and collect one item for each letter of the alphabet, so for the letter A, you could collect an Acorn, but then you also have to write down what it could be used for, so an Acorn could be used for food, making coffee or as was suggested on one occasion, as ammunition for a catapult (slingshot) even a float for fishing.

It's quite amazing how many different uses people will come up with for the same item, some of which, you would never have thought of, certainly I've picked up a few tricks by seeing what people come up with, by the way, we don't limit it to natural items only, you can opt for man made items as well, so for M you could have Matches.

Give it a try next time you are out, just take a sheet of paper with you, write the alphabet on it and then go and search and see what you can come up with, oh yes, we normally have a time limit of 45 minutes for this exercise, then everybody comes back to camp and we see what everyone has come up with.

It's great fun, gives a lot of laughs and is a superb way to look at items you might see everyday in a totally different light