Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Elder Flower Pancakes - Sambucus nigra

Further to my post from yesterday about Elder Flowers, we decided in the end to make pancakes instead of the fritters, we made plain and simple pancakes using, well basically a bannock recipe, with extra water added to make it into a batter, to which we added a couple of handfuls of Elder flowers and two special pancakes that were Elder & Strawberry - delicious.  We collected a good bucket full of blooms this afternoon, what we didn't use for the pancakes is going to get turned into Elder Flower  Champagne, Cordial or wine.

We made a video on making the pancakes which is on my You Tube channel here


  1. They look very tasty indeed indeed.

  2. We have some Elder flower champagne on the go at the moment and a stuff load of flowers dyhydrating for use as a tea and for adding to jams and fruit stews later in the year