Monday, 9 May 2011

Elder Flowers - Sambucus nigra

Love it or hate it the Elderberry is here to stay, personally i love it, the second year growth provides perfect hand drills for friction fire lighting, the tree is host to the jelly ear fungus which is of course edible (of sorts), the fruit can be eaten raw or cooked and can be used to make the most delicious jams and preserves, not to mention home made wine, but those are not the topic of this post, here we are going to concentrate on the early season harvest the Elderberry gives us in the form of it's flowers.

The flowers again can be eaten raw or cooked and i have to admit to being a bit partial to just biting a mouthful of flowers straight off the tree, it's like eating champagne with a bit of protein thrown in if you don't shake the flowers first to dislodge any hidden insects, still the insects add protein i guess?.

The flowers are used to add flavour to jams and preserves and the dried flowers can be used to make a refreshing tea, the most common use though is to make Elderflower wine, get it right and it's delicious get it wrong and well, you have some vinegar for your fish & chips, the other use and one that I'm going to do tomorrow is to make Elderflower Fritters, a truly delicious seasonal delicacy and incredibly easy to make, more on that tomorrow though when i have been back up the hill and collected some flowers.

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