Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hazel Cooking Spoon

I had a bit of time spare this morning, so i grabbed a piece of Hazel from the wood pile, picked up a knife or two and my folding saw and made myself a new cooking spoon, as i have fairly large hands, i like a spoon with a nice wide handle, and this one fits the bill a treat, the spoon itself is about nine inches in length, the bowl is just over two inches at it's widest point and the handle is half an inch at the neck, widening to about an inch and a bit at the top of the handle. 

I elected in this instance to give the spoon a sanded finish and i went down the grades ending up on 1000 grit paper , the spoon then had a couple of coats of Tung Oil that were applied as i watched qualifying for the F1 at Monaco, the spoon saw service this evening, as i used it to make a meat sauce to go with my egg spaghetti, both turned out wonderfully.

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