Monday, 16 May 2011

Mors Kochanski - Try Stick Pair

There has been quite a bit of conversation around in recent days about Try Sticks, and it prompted me to carve a couple more, i usually carve a Try Stick fairly quickly after receiving a new knife as it enables me to evaluate the blade with a multitude of different cuts and grips in a short space of time, but it dawned on me today that i have so far neglected to make try sticks with my JLT Woodie and the latest incarnation of the JLT Woodsman, so having an hour or so to spare, i grabbed a couple of Hazel sticks from the pile and started whittling, the sticks are ever so slightly different, they both contain the regular cuts and carving i would do, but having a longer stick, i thought id add some extras on the one i made with the Woodsman.

Try Stick Carved With JLT Woodlore Clone

Try Stick Carved With JLT Woodsman

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