Friday, 27 May 2011

Pigeon Shoot - Contains Images Of A Dead Pigeon

I was looking out the window at home earlier and as i was standing there, a nice plump Wood Pigeon decided to alight on the bird feeder, so having just come in from a spot of ratting up the lakes, my gun was still handy, into the breech went a 14.3gr Accupel in .22, carefully opened the patio door, aim, FIRE.

The result, one very dead Woodie and a rather nice dinner coming up, the gun i used was a QB78DL, i wouldn't normally use this gun for hunting anything except than at really close range, as this indeed was, about ten feet range to be exact, and i was even recently trying to sell or trade of this gun for a springer as it didn't get the use it probably should have done, but, you know what, I'm glad i didn't, as I've since given it a good service and with fresh CO2 cylinders it runs at 10.5 ft/lb, a single CO2 cylinder gives me 30 shots before i suffer a power drop, but if you are aware of this and count your shots, it's not a problem, it's certainly good enough for close range ratting with Hollow Points.

I know CO2 is not the best power source out there, as it's very susceptible to temperature fluctuations, but if you don't push the gun too far and you use it within it's limitations, it's fine for close range hunting, i know you can get mod kits and conversion kits for the gun, i have a TR Robb  upgrade kit for it here that I've never used, i know a lot of shooters wont even consider looking at this gun and seem to have real hang ups regarding those that enjoy the gun for what it is, in reality it's another garden gun, it's not a serious hunting weapon, if I'm out rabbiting or shooting at longer ranges then the QB stays at home and HW97K comes out to play.

Oh yes the shot i took was a head shot, the bird knew nothing about it whatsoever and was dead before it hit the ground, as with all my shooting, i will only take the shot if I'm certain of a kill and i only kill for food (except rats obviously), never for pleasure, i was taught and strictly follow the ethos of "one shot, one kill", if i cant guarantee a clean kill, i don't take the shot, i am fully aware that I'm taking a life, but that life will not be wasted as it will provide me and  my family with both food and raw materials for a number of different projects and activities.

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