Saturday, 7 May 2011

Possibles Pouch / Survival Kit

I was talking to a good friend of mine the other evening about Possibles Pouches / Survival Kits, now I'm not one of these chaps who holds a great deal of faith in stuff like survival tins, although i did buy one years ago and have used a few items from it over the years.

Where i do 99.9% of my shrafting though, I'm probably not more than a couple of miles at most from civilisation, and if i go on a trip other than something local, then i will carry appropriate equipment with me, regardless of where i am though, i always carry at least one emergency whistle, a First Aid Kit and a means to make a fire, not to mention a mobile phone, because again where i do 99.9% of my shrafting, i can always get a signal, always have done and i dare say i always will be able to.

Ive never carried a possibles pouch or a survival tin with me in my life, but the conversation i had with my friend did prompt me to sort out my gear a little, as a lot of items i carry, i normally have rattling around in the top pocket of my day pack, or if I'm on an over nighter or longer, the same items get stuffed into the top pocket of whatever pack it is I'm using.

Now I'm a fairly organised sort of chap and i hate mess, well unless it's piles of wood shavings, but that's different :-), so having an assortment of stuff just loose in the top pocket of of my pack, did go against the grain a little, so a quick check through the bag of bags, found the small pouch pictured , i bought this  off of Ebay a while ago, and never really did use it, so it got relegated to the bag that holds the bags, but for the job of sorting out of the junk i carried, it's turned out pretty well.

So what does the pouch contain then?, well lets have a look ; 


Top Row, left to right : Small bag of small ziplock bags, Swiss Card (containing small scissors, small knife, tweezers, tooth pick, pin and small pen), Multitool, hank of jute twine, sewing kit liberated from a hotel room, piece of rubber inner tube and a pack of matches from a British Army rat pack, the Swiss Card is wrapped in red tape, to A) stop things coming out, B) the tape is handy for all sorts of things, including to help dress wounds.

Middle Row, left to right : Emergency whistle (this is attached via a cord the zip pull on the flap of the pouch), pencil, again with red tape stored on it, hank of paracord, first aid instruction leaflet, although I'm first aid trained it never hurts to have an aide memoir with you, or as instructions in case someone has to use my FAK to do 1st aid on me, but it's good not just for 1st aid, but also used for taking field notes and if need be for fire lighting, hence why it's in a plastic bag, small FAK containing plasters and blister protection (moleskin), Ferro Rod, plastic ties, blue rubble bag folded to make it easier to pack, can be used for all sorts of things,, from a water proof layer to sit on, to an emergency poncho to, well i guess carrying things in,  again more red tape stored on this as well, small green tin containing my flint and steel and some char cloth, sealed with insulation tape to inhibit moisture.

Bottom Row, left to right : Spare catapult bands kept in a bag that contains talcum powder, the talc stops the bands sticking, but also allows me to carry a small amount of talc for my feet should i need it, bow drill bow cord, sure i could use the para cord, but i like this cord far better and it weighs nothing, small bag that contains an LED light, spare striker for the ferro rod and some split rings, (Ive used these for all sorts of things in the past), Swiss Army Knife, small Bic lighter again covered in red tape, but also under the tape are some small lengths of inner tube for fire lighting, Tea light candle, handy for getting damp tinder or kindling to light.

Not pictured, small packet of tissues, a pocket sized bottle of alcohol gel hand wash and a small karibiner on the reverse of the pouch.

As i mentioned at the beginning of this post, this isn't a survival pouch, but in retrospect, i guess it is a form of possibles pouch, certainly I'm more organised now, just how long it will last i don't know, as old habits die hard and I'm bound to just stuff things back into the top pocket of my pack again, without thinking about it, I'm just going to have to try and break the old habits i guess and educate myself to learn some new habits.

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  1. Organization never hurts anyone. At least that's what my wife keeps telling me!