Tuesday, 3 May 2011

What a mess!

Whilst out on a short bimble late this afternoon, i popped into the copse at the end of the road and was horrified to find the mess i did, empty beer cans and bottles, a massive fire scar, deodorant cans, cigarette packets and well, look at the photo.

Now a lot of people would go "into one" at this point and start a massive rant, but not me, i have a fair idea who was responsible for this as i saw them walk down the road late yesterday afternoon clutching a 24 pack of the "The best lager in the world", i also have more than a fair idea where a couple of the culprits live.

Too many people in my mind "go off on one" when they see things like this, but in reality all these kids need is a gentle nudge in the right direction, if you confront them and are all angry and upset yourself then you are  going to get a massive amount of abuse thrown back at you, instead, why not ask them for a beer and sit there and talk to them, most times the kids are bored and lack direction, and they expect an adult to have a go and wait for you to have a go so they can get all abusive, so to sit there and chew the cud with them is totally alien to them and when you get talking to most of these kids they are fine and clearly quite intelligent when they put their minds to it, all they need is a bit of direction and gentle coaxing to do the right thing and respect what's around them.

So instead of playing Mr Angry and having a pop at the kids, why not interact with them,? you might just be surprised how they will react to a non angry adult and in reality, most of these kids are great, but just lack direction in their lives, i will give these kids their due though, they did put the fire out properly before they left and made an attempt to clear the area up a bit, i will pop up there, probably tomorrow and remove the beer bottles etc though.


  1. A different perspective to think about, definitely. I think I would have gone off on one for sure, we've all done that sort of thing as kids but we always knew to clean up after ourselves after for fear of the consequences - something today's kids don't really need to worry about, sadly.

  2. Bang on Paul, i used to play int he same copse when i was a kid, although it looked a whole lot different then, and sure we had fires and stuff, but as you say, we cleared up after oursleves, these days the kids know some muppet like me will be along to clear up their mess after they have gone, still when i see them i will just let them know that i didnt appreciate the mess they left, doubt if they will do it again - lol

  3. oh, i know so, i used to go to school with at least one of the parents - lol

  4. Generally, today's kids haven't been taught anything by their parents. That's the real source of such problems. Maybe you should tell them you're going to go clean up their mess and ask them (kindly) if they'd like to go along.