Saturday, 7 May 2011

Woodlore Clone - JLT Knives

Time for a small review on the JLT Knives Woodlore clone that i received a little while back, this knife has been used on a daily basis since i first received it back in early March, in fact this knife has seen more use in the past month or so than my Woodsman which, by my own admission is my favourite blade, i wont go into too much detail about the Woodlore here other than a brief synopsis, as i intend to do a full review of it on video and indeed a couple of others,  for my YouTube channel in the near future, although looking at pictures is nice, a video enables you to convey so much more information, so specs for the knife

The specs of the knife are :
  • Overall Length   : 8 1/2 Inches
  • Blade Length     : 4" 1/4Inches
  • Blade Depth       : 1" 1/8 inch at widest point
  • Grind                  : Scandi
  • Blade Material  : O1 Steel, Full Tang
  • Handle Scales   : Ivory Micarta, red fibre liners and brass pins and lanyard tube

Despite having used this knife on a daily basis for tasks ranging from food and game prep, to spoon carving, battoning and some fine detail carving, the blade  has kept and keeps it's edge, in fact the only thing i have done to the knife is to give it a clean up now and again and take it to the strop to bring  the edge back when it's become a little dull through use, as I've said before to many people are too quick to take their blades to water or diamond stones to sharpen them, don't get me wrong, i use water and diamond stones myself, but only when the knife needs it, ie the bevels need flattening or the cutting edge has been dinged or chipped (very rare), nine times out of ten in my experience,  all a blade needs is a quick strop and it's back to scary sharp in no time.

The handle is comfortable and remains grippy even when covered in blood, sweat and sometimes tears, the pins and lanyard tube are all smooth and no high spots or hot spots can be found or indeed were experienced, even during some prolonged and heavy use up the woods recently, the Ivory Micarta sets the knife off a treat, so much so, i, when i have saved up, might get another Woodsman knife made with the ivory micarta, I've always loved and always will love wooden scales on my knives, but the micarta is obviously a lot more hygienic than wood when it comes to game and food prep.

So in a nutshell, Adam at JLT has done me proud again, yes i know i bang on about his knives a lot and there is a good reason, that's because they superb tools, as i have mentioned many times before, Adam is gaining a superb reputation as a quality  knife makers and this reputation is justified, keeps your eyes peeled for a full video review of this and a couple of other knives in the near future.

JLT Woodlore Clone and it's new pants from Kepis Leather.


  1. Cheers Gorges, going to have a sheath building binge before too long, need to get some stock together for various projects i have coming up.

  2. he is a good un that adam.

  3. I've finally picked up one of these, and couldn't be happier.

  4. Grand bits of kit are they not Brionic, got a pic of yours by chance?

  5. Hi,

    is adam awol? I see his site is gone. What happened?

  6. He's still around, just having a bit of a rough time i think.

  7. Any word about Jlt mate? Is he still making?

  8. No idea mate, ive sent him numerous emails & PM's through the forums of late and not heard a word in reply.

  9. I hope he is alright. He is a good bloke.

  10. Same here, i, like you and a few others am starting to get a little worried about his welfare at the moment, so out of character for him not to reply or contact anyone

  11. Are these knives still available? The link doesn't seem to work now...

    1. Im afraid JLT is no longer making knives.