Monday, 2 May 2011

Woodlore Sheaths

I decided to make a couple of new sheaths in a Woodlore style today for a couple of my knives, namely my Ray Mears Micarta Woodlore and one of my Woodlore clones (JLT Knives), sheaths are made from 3mm veg tan leather, stitched with linen thread and dyed in British Tan, one sheath has a slightly heavier dye to it to give a darker richer colour, both sheaths incorporate a dangler option, i didn't make specific dangler loops for these both  sheaths, basically as there is no need, i already had one attached to another sheath, so as per today, all i need do is transfer the one dangler to whatever sheath I'm using at the time, saves a bit of work and saves some leather for other projects.

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