Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Big Net Needle

Decided to make myself a big netting needle today, basically so making larger mesh nets with thicker cordage is a little easier than it is at present where I'm currently using needles that are approx 1 inch in width, this beast as you can see from the picture is considerably larger and in the region of two inches in width.

The needle itself is made from an old cheap cutting board that came out of one of the local pound stretcher land type shops, the needle was carved out using my carving chisels and a new knife (not pictured) that i will cover at some point in the future, i was intending to make net with this today, but events, ie the weather conspired against me with a rash of fairly large thunder storms hitting the area, more on that in another post though.

I don't have an idea as to the capacity of the needle, but i know it's quite large, certainly enough to make a few purse nets that's for sure.

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