Saturday, 28 May 2011


During a trip out, late this afternoon, where we were  on a mission to collect a load more Elderflower's, that we intend to put in the dehydrator and then place into storage for use later in the year, particularly to make some more Elderflower Champagne at Christmas, we noticed in one patch of Nettles that we had to wade through to get to the trees that held our bounty, that the leaves were absolutely covered in Peacock Butterfly caterpillars, the photo shows just a small area where they were were munching away quite happily, in addition to these there were different hatching's, including some quite recent ones as the Caterpillars were really quite small, nice to see these around as the number of nettle patches  are decreasing and as the nettles decrease, in turn so do the insects and animals that rely on them, thankfully the Farmer around here is aware of the facts and leaves a good margin around his fields for the flora and fauna to thrive in.

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