Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Elm Beadle

Made myself a new Beadle (also known as a Maul, Mallet, Bittle or Beetle) today, well two in fact, one small and one a bit larger, i needed to do this as the couple of Oak ones i have been using up to now are getting a bit past their prime, having been outside for a while and being subjected to wind, rain, snow and hot summers and of course a fair amount of abuse by me all contributing to their demise.

The larger of new Elm one's (approx 12" long) is pictured to the left laying on it's side in front of the two Oak ones that are nearing retirement, certainly the Oak one on the right has almost had it as a big piece fell off it not that long ago when i used it with a wedge to split a bit of Oak, until such time as they give up the ghost completely though they will continue to see service, but the Elm ones made today will no doubt slowly take over as the main users.


  1. The elm shouldn't split as easily, at least not to the point of shedding parts. It WILL decay quicker, though.

  2. it shouldn't Gorges, Elm has been traditionally used for making water pipes & posts that stand in water, as long as it's kept wet it lasts forever, it only "goes off" so to speak with ground contact, still didnt cost me anything other than a bit of elbow grease and they are fun to make :-)