Thursday, 30 June 2011

Figure 4 Trap

Enjoyed some time up the woods today with youngest as he had the day off due to the teachers strike, eldest didn't join us as he was on a school trip to the British Library.

When we got to the woods i asked Ol what he wanted to do and apart from practice his shooting ability with his Black Widow catapult (video on my You Tube Channel), he wanted to make some traps, so we did, the first one we made was a good old fashioned Figure 4 (pictured), but we also made some others traps with different trigger mechanisms on them, great fun and to be honest, he probably learnt more from a day in the woods, than he would have done sitting in a stuffy classroom.

Video's on the traps we made are on my YT channel Figure 4, Dead Drop Mk1 & Dead Drop Mk2

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