Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Karrimor Sabre 45 - Load Capacity

You quite often see reference to the Karrimor Sabre range of packs on a lot of the forums and discussion boards, but you very rarely see any mention of the carrying capacity of the packs as a  recognisable unit of scale, OK, fair enough, you know it's a 45 litre rucksack, but who really knows what 45 litres looks like as a solid lump of space, not many id wager?.

So, today, whilst i was out "collecting" materials i thought id do exactly that and show people what 45 litres looks like as a unit of size.

Pictured to the left is my Sabre 45 with a bit of a load in it, this load was carried about 2/3rds of a mile back from where i located it, and the pack remained stable and comfortable throughout.

What was the load?, well look below, it was an Elm log and a biggun at that, i have no idea how much it weighs but this log was in that pack and there was space to spare in the top of the pack and not just in the lid pocket,  there was even space down the sides of the pack in the main compartment if id needed it, all i had to do was release the compression straps a bit, oh yes that's a Mora 510 for scale, even though it looks like the tip of the knife is in the ground, it is in fact just hidden by a bit of long grass and is resting on the ground surface.


So now you know how much you can get in a Sabre 45.

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