Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Thunder Storms

As many people will see or have already seen on the TV today, the South of England got a bit of a pasting from a few electrical storms this afternoon, the area covered by the storms was fairly impressive- see radar image left, im under the big red bit on the left.

I knew the storms were coming as i could hear them way off in the distance while i was in the work shop, they seemed to be concentrated way off the coast and all you could hear was an almost continuous low rumble, then they moved inland and boy, did we get an impressive display of lightning, hardly any rain,, well where i am an anyway, but some hugely impressive forked lightning was to be seen, according to the news the Control Tower at Gatwick was hit, as were a number of railway and power lines, not to mention numerous houses, thankfully though, nobody has been hurt.

Ive looked at the forecast for this evening and tonight and the Met Office are not forecasting any further storms, but there again the one in the picture above wasn't supposed to have been there either, looking out of the window to the SW and the sea, it looks a bit "iffy" to be honest, perhaps we are going to be treated to some more - i do hope so.

Forked Lighting From Today's Electrical Storm
While i think of it, the radar image of the storm above was captured from this brilliant website www.blitzortung.org

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