Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Another Slingshot

It's confirmed im infected with slingshot mania at the moment, love em to bits, love making them, love using them, not so fond of the odd finger slap though, that damn well hurts.

So i made myself another slingshot and this time i got round to ordering some Theraband Gold for the bands, this has to be the best one yet, the frame is made from Multiplex and has a more refined ergonomic shape than some of the others Ive made, it's similar to the one i made called The Bat, but has a  slightly offset handle and ever so  narrower fork, thereby making it much more comfortable to use.

I took the slingshot to the woods today and had some target practice with some 9mm ball bearings, now i know i made this myself, but I'm impressed, it's light, it's comfortable and  it's impossibly accurate, i shall be making a few more of various designs in the coming days and may well be adding a few to my website for sale, either with or without bands fitted. oh yes, that's my ugly mug in the above picture holding the slingshot, the below picture shows the slingshot in all it's glory.

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