Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bamboo Containers

As part of some preparation for an event I'm attending on Saturday, i realised that i had a distinct lack of containers to hold not only products but a few leaflets as well, on the woodpile i had the last three sections of a big piece of bamboo that was given to me by a friend, so out with the tools, not that they are usually away for long, and in quick time, two long containers were made  from a section of the bamboo, these will be used to hold things like key rings and whistles and a further pot was made from a half of bamboo that i added a Hazel frontage to, to act as a leaflet holder/dispenser.  All of the bamboo has been sanded down and every single edge has been rounded off to avoid people getting impaled on bamboo splinters, the containers were finished off with a good coat of Tung Oil, all i have to do now is finish off some walking sticks, carve a few more spoons, oh yes and go build a 9x4m gazebo, looking at the forecast for Saturday, we are gonna need it.

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