Saturday, 23 July 2011

Buck Saw - Made In The Woods

Following on from my woods made bow saw, i thought id show one of the bucksaws I've made over the years while up the woods.This particular saw was made from Hazel and worked brilliantly, there are no joints to speak of, the whole saw is held together by friction alone, the cross bar has each end carved to a scallop shape so it sits on the round surface of the upright, and when the windlass is tightened up, the pressure generated is enough to keep the cross bar in place and securely locked.

As per the bow saw, the blade is kept in place by gently splitting the lower section of the upright and then inserting the blade into the split, i did on this occasion though, add a lashing just above the saw blade to stop the split running, as per the bow saw, the blade has two seasoned hardwood pegs located in the holes at each end of the blade to give the uprights something to push against when the windlass is tightened up.

Short video below shows the saw in action cutting a piece of well seasoned Oak.

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