Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Carved Walking Staff

Finished off a small project today, yeah, i know, like i need another stick or staff, this one like many of my others is made from Hazel of about an inch in diameter and around four and half feet high, I decided to carve a simple Wood Spirit into this one, just by way of change, the lanyard is 550 cord finished off with false Turks head knot for decoration.

I haven't gone as far as taking off all the lumps and bumps from knots etc in the staff, as in this instance they really add to the appeal and general overall feel and look of the stick, the stick is finished with a couple of good coats of linseed oil which i will add to over the coming days with some additional coats.

I'm not sure at the moment as to whether I'm going to cap the top of the stick with some nice Cherry wood or just leave it "as is" with the natural grain of the hazel showing, time will tell i guess, as i have tendency to "tinker" with things at a later date, sometimes it works out well, other times, well perhaps i shouldn't tinker as much and just let things be, dunno, I'll see how the stick ages i think and see how things look in a couple of months time.

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