Thursday, 7 July 2011

Fire Steel / Ferro Rod Belt Hangers

Had a bit of a leather working session this afternoon, i was waiting for some materials to arrive for a project I'm involved with, but apparently they will not be with me now until next week, so being at a loose end so to speak, i decided to make a load of Fire Steel / Ferro rod belt hangers with the quick release system on them, (same as seen in the Ray Mears programme - Canoe Journey), i made quite a few as you can see from the picture, all of the ones pictured are for stock.

I personally prefer this way to carry my fire steel and not just because i make these, but I've always felt that it's a little daft to have your fire steel attached to your knife sheath, if you loose your knife, you have lost your means of making fire as well, at least with one of these the fire steel is separate to your knife and should you loose your knife, you still have a means to start a fire with you as the fire steel will strike a spark off a piece of flint if need be.

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