Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Flint Hand Axe

A little while ago i made a visit to one of the local village museums purely to look at and study the flint tools that were on display, as i was looking at the tools and making some drawings of the facets etc of a hand axe, the curator came over and asked if i would like to see a flint tool that was a little special, i didn't need asking twice, he disappeared out back to the store rooms and came back a few minutes later with a box and an object wrapped in bubble wrap, he opened it up and there in front of me was this hand axe, it's only 250,000 years old and was found locally, the workmanship on it is incredible and it was an honour to be able to look at and study the tool, but the best bit was, i was allowed to hold it and as people say, "when you find a bit of flint that looks worked, if it just falls into place in your hand and feels "right" then it's probably man made", well this hand axe, did feel just right in the hand.


I find it awe inspiring to think, that this tool was made by someone, probably not a lot different to you and I, a quarter of a million years ago and was used in the same area where i practice my shrafting today,  it's incredible to think that where i go for a day or a couple of days in the woods to practice some skills, there were people doing what we play at for real, in order to survive.

It was an absolute privilege to be able to study let alone hold the tool, makes my 6000 year old flint scraper that i found in the garden seem like it was made only yesterday, well i suppose in the great scheme of things, it was

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