Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Leuku & Puukko Combo

Two of my most used tools and without doubt two of my firm favourites are this Leuku & Puuko combo made by Iisakki Jarvenpaa, i traded these a long while back with a friend of mine in the USA, i cant even remember what i traded, but i know it was one of my better decisions.

Out of the two blades the Leuku gets used the most, typically for splitting, trimming etc, basically any rough work where an axe is too much, although i have also used it to fashion an axe helve from seasoned Ash in the past.

The Leuku is one of those use and abuse tools, sure it's not the most refined tool out there, neither is the Puukko, there are far far better tools to be had in the same vein as these, but for what i use them for, they will do and do, do, just fine.

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