Friday, 8 July 2011

Net For Live Capture Trap.

Yep, I've been making nets again, this one is a rather large purse net with a 2.1/4" mesh, I've made it as a net for use with a live capture trap,  the trap  that it will be used with is based on the sprung snare trap, but, with the snare aspect replaced by a net, not that this trap will be used in anger anyway, it's only ever going to be used as a demonstration piece to show another way to trap for food whilst out and about in the wilds.

The Mora 510 is shown for scale


  1. Very neat job. Ive been meaning to make a net for ages, next job I reckon. Cheers.

  2. Cheers mate

    Just made another this morning, only 27 meshes long by 16 meshes wide with a 3 inch gauge

  3. Kepis, do you have any videos on net making that show the process? I would love to learn how to do it.

  4. I will have in about a two weeks time Tom, might even go as far as making the netting needle as well, will have see how the time goes on that bit though