Monday, 25 July 2011

Slingshot - The Bat

Been busy making a few slingshots today, including this one, that I'm calling The Bat as, well to me anyway, it has a slight "Bat wing" quality to it.

The design came about as i was trying to find a more ergonomic shape than the regular "forked" style of slingshot that you tend to see, I'm pleased to say that your fingers and thumb fall naturally into the cut outs on the side of the forks and make it very comfortable to hold and gives a  more secure grip.

The slingshot is made from 18mm ply and is sanded to a smooth finish before being treated and sealed, the bands are regular tubular bands that i normally use on my Black Widow, sure flat bands would be better, but I've still not ordered any so I'm using what i have available to me, to be honest they are not the most powerful bands, but they work just fine and dandy for my needs.

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