Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tinder By The Ton

The farmer who is local to me has recently cut and turned his hay crop, so in true bushcraft fashion and not wanting to miss an opportunity to gather materials, i gathered a good bag full of dry grass to use as tinder, now, before people kick off saying it's theft etc, yes, technically it is, but the stuff i took was not from the main field, it was taken a way up the farm track where it fell off the tractor, so it was never ever going to get baled up and stored, just left to blow in the wind until such time it got lodged in a bramble and/or rotted, so in my mind, I'm making good use of an opportunity that was presented to me and i don't think the farmer will give a rats ass to be honest, i should add that i don't condone nor would i ever entertain taking ANY of the hay crop from the field, this stuff as mentioned above, was a good distance away from the Hay field and was lost anyway.

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