Saturday, 2 July 2011

Walking Stick

Made myself a new walking stick, like i need another of course, this is made from a piece of hazel that i collected on Thursday last week while i was out and about, the stick has been debarked, well the bark damn near fell off, i don't know what it is with the Hazel this year, the bark seems to peel off easier than Willow bark, to the point i debarked the entire walking stick using nothing more than my thumb nails, it comes off incredibly easy.

I can only think it's because we had a very hot dry spring, anyway, i digress, the stick is approx 4.5ft  in length and has a neat curve at the very top which lent itself very nicely to becoming the handle, I've capped the top with a piece of really nice Ash that has an incredible grain pattern to it, the bottom of the stick has a brass ferrule fitted.

Where the bark has come away from the wood it has left an effect that looks a bit antler(ish), so rather than sand this away, I've incorporated it into the stick as a feature, the photo to the right kind of shows it, the other thing that the stick has is just at the base of the radius on the handle area, you can see it just at the bottom in the form of a collar of raised wood, this combined with the natural curvature of the handle makes for a very comfortable grip.

All the stick needs now is a few good coats of pure Beeswax polish to protect and nourish the wood and apart from adding a lanyard, it's pretty much good to go.


  1. simple walking stick but cool! i like to add that stick in my collection of antique walking canes