Friday, 22 July 2011

Woods Made Bow Saw

Following a thread on BCUK about folding buck saws and the like, i thought id post up a pic of a bow saw that can be made in the woods in double quick time.

The bow saw pictured was made from a piece of fresh cut Hazel, a small split (make sure they line up) was put in each end to accept he saw blade and a peg of seasoned wood was placed through the hole in each end of the saw blade, then, one end of the blade is tapped into one of the splits, the stick is then gently bent (you can also aid flexibility by gently warming the stick over a fire) until you can put the other end of the blade into the opposite split, the tension on the stick will keep every thing nice and tight as the stick will push against the hard wood pegs and effectively lock the saw blade in position.


  1. Looks like it would work. Did you give it much of a test? You could make a windlas-style bucksaw, too.

  2. Here you Gorges

    Couple of video's from when i made the saw, one showing the boiw saw the other with buck saw i made