Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ash Kuksa - Revisted

Apologies for another Kuksa post, yesterday when i posted about the Ash Kuksa i made, i noted that i wasn't overly happy with the shape of the handle, so today i made a few alterations to the cup, i revised the handle shape to something I'm a lot happier with, I also made the bowl a litle deeper and steepened the sides inside the bowl and thereby reducing the wall thickness a little.

Since the photo was taken, I've also added a leather lanyard with an antler button and sliding hangman's knot so i can tighten the lanyard around the handle for carrying and hanging, but allowing the easy removal of the leather for cleaning the Kuksa if i need to.


  1. It was beautiful yesterday and still is today, really nice work Kepis.

  2. Spot on, beautiful. Nice, clean and sharp definition which is all too easy to lose when fine sanding.