Friday, 12 August 2011

Ash Self Bow

While we were out and about earlier in the week i collected an Ash sapling with a view to making a Bow out of it, this afternoon i made a good start and have the stave debarked and rough carved, the lower limb has a slight bend in it, this is not a fault of mine, it's just the way the tree grew, but if I'm clever i can compensate for it on the other limb with some careful carving once it's dried out a little.

The initial tiller of the bow is encouraging and hopefully i wont need to take too much off it once it's dried and i start work on the final shaping and fine tuning, at the moment the bow is lashed tight against a straight piece of timber, so as it dries it will "hopefully" take some of the bend in the lower limb out and stop the stave twisting as it dries. The red bit in the pic, is the handle on my Mora 510 that i included for scale.

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  1. Way to go. You may want to see if "Primitive Archer" still has a website.