Friday, 5 August 2011

Birch Kuksa's

Thought it had been far too long since i last  carved myself a Kuksa, so today i remedied that, and carved not one, but two, but in differing designs, one with a longer flared handle, the other with a whale tail as pictured, both of the bowls are fairly thin as you can see from the wall thickness in the pictures.

Both are carved from fresh felled Birch and were carved with my JLT Woodsman knife and Ben Orford carving tools, i was going to leave them with a tooled finish, but elected to sand them down instead, once that had been sanded to 600 grit i drenched them in Tung Oil to seal and protect the wood, I'll christen the Kuksa's in a few days time when the oil has dried properly, i have a feeling i might make a couple more tomorrow out of some of  Ash i have here that is begging to be carved, wont be easy, but the grain patterns should be superb.