Friday, 12 August 2011

Bow & Hand Drill Sets

I have a couple of events coming up in the near future where I'm demonstrating a few skills, one of these skills will be fire by friction and it's a great skill to let the public have a go at, as it's very visual and  it connects deeply with something in the human soul.

So after having a look at my drill sets, i thought id better spend some time making a few new sets up, not only because i need to, but also because if someone actually produces an ember at the shows, and it does happen, I like to give them the actual set they made it on, that way, they can go home with the set knowing that it works and they can use it to practice further, plus they have a working set to use as a template or aide memoir if they decide to make their own.

The picture shows just some of the sets I've made from a load of Sycamore i collected on Wednesday, mostly it's bow drill sets, but the four boards on the left are for the hand drill and will be used in conjunction with an Elder drill, on top of this little lot, i have another dozen bow drill sets made from Willow, should see me through for a little while

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