Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Buck Saw

When we were up the woods the other day, i decided it was about time i made another bucksaw, so i coiled up a 24" bow saw blade put it in my pack and took it with me, and apart from my small folding saw and a knife, that was the limit of the tools we had.

The saw pictured is the one we made and is made from dead standing Hazel, so it's fairly strong, certainly strong enough for this job and apart from the blade and a bit of string the whole thing is made from naturally occurring materials, works pretty well too, I have to admit, i prefer the woods made bow saw though, much easier to make and in my mind a better saw overall.


  1. Going to be making one of those with Mors K. in a couple of weeks, can't wait!

  2. Excellent.

    These are dead easy to make, be great to see the master demo it though and then make one with his advice on hand

  3. It looks a whole lot more "woodsy" than what most folks use in the forest!

    1. LOL "Woodsy"...Like that. When putting together a pack for an extended outing, (my last one was for 9 months LOL), space and weight are very important. Anything that can be made on site will take pounds and inches off your sack. Axe handles...shovel handles stakes and tent poles are all space and weight...Space and weight that you can use for better things. These items can be very well made on site. That 45 lb pack that feels fine when you step out of your truck, will feel like 90 lbs very quickly when maneuvering through heavy bush.